Being healthy – staying healthy, a challenge throughout life.

To create a future for the better

How one stays healthy when turning at age is a major challenge not only personally, but our society is also in lead of finding options to maximize ones quality of life. From a medical and scientific point maastrichtof view BioMIMedics provides opportunities for the future, making use of scientific options to develop medical Biomaterials and Biosensors with one single goal in mind; ‘Improving BioMaterials to keep you healthy’.

At the very centre of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine BioMIMedics unites five major academic R&D centres in a Cross- Border multi-disciplinary network with strong outlook. BioMIMedics is powered by co-investments of our European Union and regional governments with one clear message: ‘Invest in a better Euregional Future’.

BioMIMedics is a Euregional Interreg IVa consortium, and is a prime example of Cross-Border collaboration on the level of applied Biopolymer and BioMaterial R&D, dissemination and valorization in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Our R&D focuses on novel sustainable and biocompatible BioMaterials for medical applications ranging from medical textiles to drug delivery and microchips. Our R&D spans an extensive portfolio on Biopolymers, BioMaterials, BioSensor technology and Biomedical Assays to shape the BioMedical future. It is with proud that we can state that BioMIMedics is an excellent example how interregional cooperation can create new business, employment and new projects.

The BioMIMedics Euregio Meuse-Rhine symposium offered attendees to witness the achievements of BioMIMedics & participate to shape the future networks.

Click here to download the presentations or to watch the videos.

The BioMIMedics conference covered the following topics:

  • BioMIMedics at an end?
    Results of a joint venture of five Euregional academic centres on Biomaterials & Biosensors
    Launch of new Euregional initiatives to sustain and increase (y)our network
  • Hotspots on high potentials and excellent opportunities for R&D in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine
  • Networking to create strong options for future cross-border public & private collaborations

We invited:

  • (Regional) Politicians
  • Companies interested in interregional cooperation and cooperation with knowledge institutes
  • Companies interested in Application of Biomaterials
  • Researchers
  • (Regional) Press
  • All others interested

 BioMIMedics consisted of:

  • Maastricht University (Lead Partner)
  • RWTH Aachen, DWI, ITMC
  • INB, FH Aachen
  • CERM & CEIB, ULg
  • BIOMED & IMO-IMOMEC,  Hasselt University
  • LIOF & Euregional SMEs
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